2015: Here's Looking At You

Happy New Year's Eve, Friends!!!

Looking back on this year, I can't believe the wonderful places that 2015 has taken me.  This year has been such an adventure and has led me to all of you!  Last year, around this time I started thinking there should be a place for people to share their thoughts, express their opinions, and love of their favorite things.... lucky for me, I have a little sister who is much cooler than me, and thumped me on the head and said "you need to start a blog!"

After toying with the idea for a few months and thinking a blog would be impossible - Denver Darling was born.  The last eight months have led to some of the most challenging, yet rewarding times in my life.  It has been amazing to see the growth in the blog and changes in myself since the beginning.  I thought it would be fun to share a few highlights from this past year.

Photography: Emilyanne Hardy

Photography: Andrea Flanagan

Photography: Brandon Hill

Photography: David Gillette 

Photography: Jenny Nelson 

Photography: Corey Anthony

I feel so incredibly grateful, thankful, happy, lucky, - so many words and feelings that I can't explain, for all of the wonderful people that I have partnered and worked with in 2015 to build Denver Darling.  From my graphic designer (Six Leaf Designs - she's amazing!!) to lovely photographers, boutiques, and shops and most importantly all of you lovely people who have supported me: friends, family, and my new friends that I may not know in person yet, but I am so thankful for your friendship and support virtually (can't wait to meet you in person btw!).

My husband deserves a special shoutout: I can't thank Jonny enough for being my biggest fan and constant supporter... he never signed up to be my editor in chief, photo shoot extra, or hashtag consultant... but he always does it with a smile.

Happy New Year everyone... May 2016 be the best one yet!!  Love you all!


PS - shop a few of my favorites below (the midi skirt I am wearing here from my first shoot is on sale for $58!) and this coat that seemed to be a fan-favorite, from my Vail shoot (with the big band-aid from my scooter accident... oh the lessons we learn!) there are only a few left!!