Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!

Yesterday I got the opportunity to head up for a quick day of skiing with my dad.  It was such a beautiful day -  I cold not stop looking at the mountains around us and feeling grateful for time with my family.

Thanksgiving has become a favorite holiday of mine - the perfect time for reflection and thanks. Every day I try and step back and think about the things that I am thankful, grateful, excited, and happy for, but especially this time of year and especially this year.  Recently, have been spending extra time talking on the phone and enjoying the company of the ones I love and holding them a little tighter and just feeling grateful for this life that we live.

Last week Jonny and I hosted 30 of our nearest and dearest (actually 31 if you count our tiny newborn nephew) for the second annual Miller Friendsgiving.  It is always such a treat having our friends over for dinner, but sharing a cozy feast and and reflecting on the things that mean the most to one another made the evening even more special.

To prep for our party, my friends Nerida and Bethany and I learned how to make Thanksgiving inspired floral arrangements (here).  I also made a trip to one of my favorite shops (Swoozies) to pick up some fun decor - I love these napkins - and they usually have sweet and funny sayings for each holiday and different occasions (our napkin drawer is stocked with them :) ).  Also, this Friends Giving chalk board was a hit - cute and interactive!  I also love our banner - I wanted one that made sense to hang for the whole holiday season and "count your blessings" I think, rings true throughout! 

For bigger parties I think it is always easiest to make fun specialty cocktail that fits your theme.  We went with pomegranate punch - it was delicious and perfect for a large group (I used a drink dispenser like this one).

Here is what I did:

  • Fill dispenser half way with ice
  • Pour 8 Pomegranate Izze's 
  • Pour 3/4 gallon ginger ale
  • Pour 4 cups Pomegranate/Blueberry juice (I used Tropicana)
  • mix together
  • slice 4 oranges to lay inside drink dispenser (do not mix)
  • seed 1 pomegranate and place on top (do not mix)

Have the happiest Thanksgiving!! Eat something delicious and enjoy every minute.