Gifts for your host and hostess with the mostess!

Morning Friends!

I hope you have had a chance to relax this weekend after a long and interesting week.

Jonny and I are both from Colorado so between the two of us, the holidays can be CRAZY busy.  We have big families which means multiple celebrations for both of us, but we would not have it any other way.  And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it could be helpful to share some of my favorite hostess gifts.  

Hosting a holiday is no small feat.  We hosted Friendsgiving last year and it was a blast!  But, my goodness was it tough.  I remember thinking "how did my mom do this all the time?".  She was the hostess with the mostess and seemed to do it so effortlessly.  I now know the real time and energy that it takes to make a holiday go smoothly.  

I love bringing a small hostess gift to each gathering we attend throughout the holidays.  Something small like these Sugarfina boxes are perfect, adorable (and delicious!), they come in several designs and various flavors.  I think this CHEESE BOARD is so special (yes, it is a cheese board!)... almost too pretty to put cheese on, almost ;).  I am planning on getting one for our home for a few of our upcoming gatherings.  Also I love the this cocktail guide cutting board for the great bartending host!

  1. Dessert Plate $18
  2. Gilded Candle $39
  3. Handblown Vase $59
  4. Gratitude Gift Tray $48
  5. Soap and Towel Gift Set $35
  6. Coasters $49
  7. Agate Cheese Board $78
  8. Fabulous Mug $15
  9. Glitter Frame $40
  10. Bartender Prep Board $69
  11. Wax Seal $45
  12. Cheers! Candy Bento Box $29