Hello Old Friends - Life Update

Well Hello Old Friends!

My dress  (wearing xs $95) //  Lily’s dress  (similar $19)

My dress (wearing xs $95) // Lily’s dress (similar $19)

It has been a LOOOOONG time. Life looks a whole lot different than when we last talked. A little more chaotic, but oh-so beautiful! I am not going to lie. Sitting down to write this first post since my long hiatus from my blog has been so hard for me. I have been avoiding it for weeks. Lie - months (annnnd months!). The more I have avoided it, the harder it has gotten. Do you all have anything that you are avoiding? Working out? Laundry? Also two things I have not been great at lately- yikes (new mom life)!

To be honest, I have missed sharing and connecting with you guys…. but as you can imagine, things got a little crazy starting a new business a few months before the arrival of our first baby. How many of you thought I was nuts to open a store when I was 6 months pregnant, but were kind enough to not say anything, raise your hand?! Well thank you all for supporting us these first 6 months we have been in business at Denver Darling Boutique. It has been a whirlwind. And these first (almost 4) months of motherhood have been nothing short of magical. Exhausting. Educational. Sweet. Sometimes scary, but so beautiful.

I can’t believe that almost a year ago we were just finding out that we were going to be parents. I had never shared with you all, but we weren’t sure if it was even in the cards for us. After getting off of birth control in 2016 it took me almost 8 months to have a period and after a ruptured ovarian cyst I finally had another cycle a few months later, but never anything regular. Jonny and I were starting to wonder if something was really wrong (I guess 1 in 8 couples is affected with infertility). I talked to my doctor and they suggested that I start taking a medication called Clomid to increase my chances of getting pregnant faster. Jonny and I decided that we wanted to instead look into the root of the issue before I started taking medication too quickly.

Luckily we live near one of the leading fertility clinics in the North America CCRM which I had heard great things about from several friends so we decided to make an appointment. After filling out an extensive medical history for both Jonny and me we had our consultation (on our anniversary coincidentally). CCRM developed a custom tailored plan for us to help ensure the best outcome possible. CCRM is known for offering prospective parents the fastest path to the healthiest baby.

If you know me personally, you know that I am a big time worrier. So after leaving our consultation, in addition to our plan with CCRM, I told Jonny that I wanted to exhaust other areas of medicine (I hate taking medicine if I don’t need to) so I made another appointment with an acupuncturist that another friend had suggested True Mind Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine. I went to three acupuncture appointments and the day before my next scheduled appointment at CCRM (on my Papa’s 92nd birthday) I found out I was pregnant!! I love acupuncture - will be sharing more about how it helped me with pregnancy and after soon!

We were shocked! Since I was not having regular cycles, it was impossible to tell how far along I was so I immediately called CCRM to discuss next steps. They got me in for an appointment immediately and held our hands until they knew that it was safe for me to move on to my normal OB/GYN.

For women and couples experiencing infertility I recommend contacting CCRM. It can be a scary and complex topic and CCRM aims to empower individuals and couples to make informed decisions that can positively impact their future. Right now, Colorado residents can take advantage of CCRM Colorado’s Fertility First package which is a 15% off discount on a fresh or frozen IVF cycle to first-time IVF patients at its fertility center in Lone Tree, CO. More details can be found here.

Thanks to Jenna Sparks for some of my all time favorite pictures!! Would love to hear what you all would like to hear more about. I am an open book and can’t wait to share more with you all.