Momming on the Go!

Hi Guys!!


I can’t believe the holidays are upon us!! This year is flying by - Look at my big 6 month old girl! I cant believe Lily is 6 months already! Its crazy to think that she has been here half a year already, but I can’t imagine that we ever lived our lives without her. She just fits so perfectly.


One thing that I have learned in these short months as a new momma (and new business owner) is that everything must now be done at a much quicker pace - whether that is getting ready - or not really getting ready (who needs makeup anyway?), eating - or not really eating (cliff bars are a food group, right?). Everything needs to be done pretty much in seconds and or one handed.


I am so thankful that my little sister is back in town and rocking it as a Soul Cycle instructor and I am finally getting back in a work out groove (a little), but that means that sometimes I am running from her spin class, to run errands and sometimes to the Store after. I know we have all had days when there is ZERO time to fit everything in, and we just need 14 more hours to do everything - am I right?!

That is why I was so excited when Febreze wanted to partner to share their new Fabric Refresher which saves so much time going from the gym to everything else! I just spritz it on my spin stuff after Soul and it smells fresh and I feel that much more put together for running errands until I can make it home and take a (30 second) shower. You just need to spray until damp to eliminate any post workout odors and keep them where they belong.

Its true that I may have a lot less time for things I used to, but come on, just look at that face? I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!!

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