Gifts For Dad

I can’t believe that Father’s Day is in less than two weeks (June 21st)!  So for anyone (like me) that hasn’t picked their gifts yet... Here are a few ideas.

I have seen some Father’s Day gift suggestions and always like the idea of getting great clothes for dad, but truthfully, my dad loves his ripped khaki shorts, old tennies, or beat up sandals when he is not in his tried and true suits or sportcoat.  Every time my sisters or I try and buy him new clothes they end up sitting in his closet, unworn, tags on.  He does always appreciate a new tie (this set would be wonderful) or anything Broncos related.  My dad travels quite a bit for work so Jonny and I have been tailoring his gifts to better his travel experience.  Last year we got him a duffle - this one from J.Crew Factory is nice and incredibly affordable ($58.50) (also like this one from PB) and he finally converted from his backpack, which no one thought would ever happen - ever!  This year my sisters and I may splurge and get these Bose Headphones, which I hear make traveling so peaceful.  Dad’s old Fuel band (which he loves) is getting a little tired so I have also been thinking about a new Fit Bit or maybe something for cycling (like this cool CO jersey).  What do you think?

Both my Grandpa H and Papa P are stylish in their own right.  My grandpa requested that I help him find some suspenders that he can wear every day (I like these for every day and these for a special occasion).  My papa is like a character out of an old movie and never leaves home without his driving cap.  He has had the same four hats for as long as I can remember so I am planning to give him a new one in a light linen fabric for summer (like this one).  And yes, you can bet I will be sharing pictures of both of them in their new accessories :).

What fun gifts will you be giving this Father's day?