Momming on the Go!

Hi Guys!!


I can’t believe the holidays are upon us!! This year is flying by - Look at my big 6 month old girl! I cant believe Lily is 6 months already! Its crazy to think that she has been here half a year already, but I can’t imagine that we ever lived our lives without her. She just fits so perfectly.


One thing that I have learned in these short months as a new momma (and new business owner) is that everything must now be done at a much quicker pace - whether that is getting ready - or not really getting ready (who needs makeup anyway?), eating - or not really eating (cliff bars are a food group, right?). Everything needs to be done pretty much in seconds and or one handed.


I am so thankful that my little sister is back in town and rocking it as a Soul Cycle instructor and I am finally getting back in a work out groove (a little), but that means that sometimes I am running from her spin class, to run errands and sometimes to the Store after. I know we have all had days when there is ZERO time to fit everything in, and we just need 14 more hours to do everything - am I right?!

That is why I was so excited when Febreze wanted to partner to share their new Fabric Refresher which saves so much time going from the gym to everything else! I just spritz it on my spin stuff after Soul and it smells fresh and I feel that much more put together for running errands until I can make it home and take a (30 second) shower. You just need to spray until damp to eliminate any post workout odors and keep them where they belong.

Its true that I may have a lot less time for things I used to, but come on, just look at that face? I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!!

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This sweet life

Hi Friends,

Hope you have had a beautiful week!  For me, this week has been so special and nothing less than inspiring.  Tuesday was Jonny and my anniversary so started out on a lovely note.  I have to admit, we didn't have a typical fancy date night and we were both more than ok with that - we went car shopping and hung pictures, but it was a perfect night for us and a great way to start our week.  

Yesterday, I attended the Women's Foundation Luncheon - the Foundation raises money so that every girl and woman in Colorado can achieve her full potential.  I loved sitting amidst 2,300 women supporting other women in Colorado.   The highlight was seeing Misty Copeland share her inspiring story of becoming a principal ballerina.  She was so incredibly humble and poised.  I have never wanted to be a ballerina so badly - haha!  One can dream, right?  

Following the event I sat at a table to enjoy the beautiful weather and work outside and saw a young man sprint and yell after a man in military attire.  I thought he had forgotten his wallet or something, when the young man yelled "Sir" and as the man turned around he stood there and saluted him in the middle of the restaurant with the proudest look on his face, then turned around and walked back to the table with his young friends and continued eating his ice cream.  It was one of the most touching things that I have ever seen.

I am headed to another event for a wonderful cause tonight. The Mode fashion event benefitting Denver Health.  I feel so lucky and proud to live in a wonderful place that supports and cares about the community.  If you are interested in going, you can get ticket information here.

I just snagged this dress from Loft (30% off with code shopsmart) when I was in a pinch for some new work dresses last week.  It is perfect for a luncheon with navy heels (like these) or a casual day at work with tan lace up booties (like mine).  I actually wore this look to work then to meet some friends for happy hour.  The weight is great for this early fall weather and will be perfect with tights and boots once snow starts falling.  And this Sole Society clutch is my favorite for fall and an absolute steal ($39.95).

Jonny and I are hoping to get to the mountains this weekend to see the fall colors!  What fun plans do you have?