V - Is for Vote!

Happy Election Day Friends!

My dad first ran for office when I was in first grade - so Election Day has always been a big deal in our house. I will never, ever discuss politics here, except today and only to remind you how important it is to vote!   You can find voter information here!

Campaigning has always been a family activity for us.  Tossing out candy at parades, knocking on doors to hand out literature after soccer practice... and making phone calls on election day - it is so much fun and such a big part of who my sisters and I are.  Fall during an election year, the campaign office was our second home.  And as a daughter, it is my right to put a little plug in for my dad and ask you to vote for him if you live in the 7th congressional district of Colorado :)!  

I wore this outfit to dinner over the weekend in the mountains.  It is pretty crazy that we can still go tightsless in the mountains in November, but I'll take it! I snagged this skirt $79 at J Crew Factory (love it there!) and am planning on wearing it tonight for election night festivities tonight!  I like that it is conservative, but still fun with the tie on the side.  It also comes in burgundy! This blanket scarf is my favorite for this time of the year and is perfect to carry through the holidays - and let me tell you, is so cozy (and under $45)!  I wear these booties All. The. Time. - so comfy and love that the neutral color goes with pretty much anything!  Also, I used to be a necklace and studs girl, but these earrings have changed that! They are a little heavy, but I have still been wearing them every chance I get!

I hope you have a wonderful Election Day! Follow Zoe and me along on some Election Day adventures today on my instagram stories.