There's Always Time for Ice Cream

Happy Friday Friends!!

I hope you had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a nice long weekend with your Valentine or have fun plans with your besties!  As I mentioned, Jonny and I are relaxing at home this this weekend (we couldn't be more thrilled about it) and giving Charlie Brown extra love since we will be out of town for a few weeks.

Most of our friends will tell you, Jonny and I are not always the most prompt people.  We just aren't.  His friends used to say he was on JST - Jonny Standard Time... and I am sure my friends have a name for me too.  For us, being a little tardy is hereditary, something that was passed down from both our grandparents.  Which doesn't make it ok, but extreme timeliness was never practiced in either of our families... so has never been much of an issue in our relationship or bothered us.

Last week however, I noticed myself falling further and further behind due to over-scheduling and unable to really enjoy what I was doing because I was already thinking about or moving on to the next part of my day (15 to 20 minutes late of course).  One evening I missed a friends event and was already worried about how behind I knew I was going to be the next day.  That moment I realized I have to start saying no, and being realistic with my time in order to enjoy the moment.  Whether that means I skip a workout so Charlie gets a longer walk or I say no to something business related so Jonny and I can go on a date, or even taking time for myself for a little ice cream break.  These things are important people 🍦😉!

I love this little gelato spot we found in Boulder, Fior di Latte.  I was instantly transported back to our trip to Italy a couple of years ago.  I also love this soft color combo from local Boulder boutique Willow.  This long sweater is so comfortable and is an easy neutral to throw on over anything - also love this one and this one (similar/and adorable/on sale!).  I can't get enough of these Clare V clutches.... they have a print for every outfit and mood, this one is available at Willow or similar online here.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Would love to hear what fun things you are up to this weekend!  Also, if you have any tips on slowing down and scheduling, I am all ears :).


Pink and Red - Yes, You Can!

Hi Friends!

I hope you guys are having a great week!

I am getting excited for February... really excited!  It is my favorite month next to December - not just because it is the month of "loooooovvve", but it is also two of my best friends and my birthday month - so really a whole month of celebrations!!  


It is also one of my favorite times to wear bold colors with very feminine accents since everyone seems to have romance on the brain.  Also, with Spring nearing and snow dwindling I am always a little more excited (and more likely) to get dressed up!  Although I love cozy sweaters and boots it has been nice to break out my skirts and go tightsless 🙊mid-winter!  

I used to be a rules girl: no black with navy, no pattern mixing, and definitely no red with pink (ewww it clashed!)!  I am learning (as I grow almost a year older) those rules don't apply anymore - especially this one!  This is definitely my favorite "rule" to break since pink is my favorite color and red is another bold staple.  I love this top ($37) and also often pair it with jeans for a casual date look.  My exact skirt is sold out, but I also love this one, this one and this one (all under $50!).  I have linked the rest of my look below!

Can't wait to share a few of our favorite Valentines dates with you next week!  Have a great rest of your week!