Twinning with Bmble Baby


I hope you had a lovely weekend and start to your week!  It's been stunning here in the Mile High City!  I think Jonny and I have finally kicked our jet lag since returning from our trip.  I have only heard tales of the dreaded multi day jet lag, but had never experienced it for myself... holy moly, guys, I was pretty much a walking zombie for 5 days and not someone you would want to approach without warning.   This weekend we were feeling a lot more like ourselves and were able to enjoy the beautiful early spring weather that Colorado was treating us to.  Big time bonus, Zoe's (meet her here and here) sweet boyfriend surprised her (and us) and flew her home for the weekend so we all got to catch up and enjoy it together. 

Charlie Brown and I were asked to participate in one of my favorite and easily cutest photo shoots to date!  My beautiful friend Caitlyn recently launched her company Bmble Baby with her sister in law, Heather.  They started with baby footwear and have just added adorable mommy and baby matching apparel.  Although Jonny and I don't have a (human) baby, I always love sharing things that I love with you and I these little mocs have been a go to baby gift for all of the babies in our life.  Jonny and I got our new niece and nephew these (which Heather hand paints herself).  I think they are such a sweet gift, and you know how I love a good personalized gift?!  On top of their adorable mocs ($25-$39), they just started selling matching mom and baby (and pup) apparel.  

I loved spending the afternoon with some of my very favorite ladies and sweet little ones.  My sister in law, Erin, and handsome nephew, Harrison, wore the white Mama/Mini graphic tee and onesies which I think is so sweet.  And my friend, Nerida and owner Caitlyn and their little cuties, Pippa and Lochryn (best baby names in one photo shoot... am I right?!) wore the I'm Not Working Today/ Me Neither graphic tees and onesies - I can't get over how cute they look together.  Contact Bmble Baby to order a Twinning tee for your pup or like I am wearing.... I can imagine our matching set will be the perfect outfit for Charlie's upcoming big 10th birthday party next month (I know, I am in disbelief too.... and #crazydoglady!).  Also, my black, distressed jeans are currently 40% off for $33 - I wear them with everything!

Shop tee's, onesies, and baby mocs at Bmble Baby and the rest of my look (including makeup I wear everyday) below!

Have a wonderful week!