SE Asia Travel Diary - Bangkok, Thailand

Hi Guys,

I am so excited to share the first bit of our exciting trip with you.  I I have broken up the fun into several posts that I will be sharing over the next couple of weeks (otherwise this would be the worlds longest post!).  I have loved getting all of your emails and direct messages on Instagram about your travel plans and hopefully this will be helpful with your planning!  Please let me know if you have any questions at all!  

Apologies in advance, get ready for picture overload!  Jonny lost his phone before our second stop in Thailand so our sole picture taking device was my handy dandy i-phone which we took 3000+ pictures on!


Jonny and I started our crazy adventure in Bangkok.  We landed at 11pm and tried our darndest  to stay awake and paint the town red,  but a comfy bed at the Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit was much to inviting after the long flight and we were fast asleep almost before we stepped into our room.  We were so excited to get outside and make sure to take in every little thing that Thailand had to offer - we didn't want to waste a minute.  Jonny and I were up bright and early (14 hour time change was pretty helpful) and went for a jog around a beautiful park near our hotel.  

It was very warm, so after our run we got ready and I threw on a sun dress for sightseeing and we went on our way.  We had heard from friends that in order to visit temples, women had to have knees and shoulders covered so we packed a backpack with pants for Jonny, and a maxi dress and tee shirt for me (not the best look).  In hindsight I wish I would have brought something like this, this or this with me... it would have saved me from some embarrassing photos I will treat you to in Chiang Mai.

We happened to be touring Bangkok on a Buddhist Holiday and the only thing on our itinerary to see was The Grand Palace.  Because of the holiday, we were told it was closed until the afternoon, but a smiley, toothless, gentleman immediately capitalized on our naive, confused looks, and invited us on a tour.... and it was one of the best decisions we made!  

He organized a tuk tuk tour around the city to see all of the sights, including a boat ride through the canals, a stop at a beautiful temple where we watched a young man become a monk, and stopped (spent a little too much time) at James Fashion Factory, then finally back to The Grand Palace to tour once it was open.  

As I mentioned, we spent a little too much time at the silk clothing factory, but Jonny and I had a blast picking out fabrics and getting some beautiful custom pieces at a fraction of what they would be in the US.  When all was said and done, Jonny had a few new suits and shirts and I have a new pink dress I can't wait to show you (see the swatch in the corner of the picture?).  Even more amazing, they delivered it all to our hotel by the next morning and had us in for a second fitting somewhere in between... it was awesome! 

After all of the sightseeing, we stumbled upon our first of many street markets, and enjoyed our first of many Thai massages.  Jonny and I were already in heaven.  We realized that Thailand is the perfect travel destination for us because he loves a bargain and I love to shop.  

Can't wait to share more with you from our second stop in Krabi, Thailand next week!  Have a great rest of your week!!

  • Accomodations: Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit 
  • Points of interest: Canal Tour, Grand Palace, James Fashion International
  • Travel tips: Bring comfy closed toed shoes (my Tory's were troopers pounding the pavement for hours on end, but wish I had brought a cute pair of tennies that pair with a sun dress: like these $80), bring short sleeve maxi's for temple touring like this one , this one,  or this one (so you don't have to "rent" clothing or buy not so flattering matching capris like we did).