Denver Darling turns 1 (and a few things I've learned along the way)

Happy Monday, Friends

I hope you had wonderful weekend!  Yesterday Denver Darling turned a year old - I started the day with a delicious brunch with some of my favorites at Postino (super excited they have brunch now!), then celebrated one of my favorite mommas to be, Jourdan (here) at one of the most beautiful showers I have ever seen.  It was such a wonderful day full of friends and love and I just felt so refreshed.

As a little kid, you know how you think about your birthday 9 months a year?  That is kind of how I thought about this day.  Starting something that was my very own was so important to me, and even more important that I saw it through, so this was a big milestone.  I never thought I would be a "blogger" I just wanted to create a place to share my favorite things with my girlfriends (and their friends) and fell into blogging along the way.

This whole year has been a wonderful time of self discovery and learning.  I really feel like I learn something new every day!  Before starting Denver Darling the only forms of social media I occasionally participated in were Facebook and Pinterest (a lot of Pinterest actually... my poor husband).  I accidentally stumbled on blogs through Pinterest, but didn't actively read any on a regular basis.  I joined Instagram about a month prior to our wedding (fall of 2014) just to ensure that I could see photos that people had hashtagged (also had no clue what that really meant).  

After our wedding, friends and family started coming to me for advice and suggestions for wedding dresses, boutiques, hair and nail salons, restaurants and photographers and I realized that I wanted to start "a girls guide to Denver".  I started using Instagram (not sure what I did each morning before this) on a regular basis and reading blogs to get ideas of how I wanted my blog to look and not look and sound and not sound.  This blog started as a place for my girlfriends to visit for ideas on where to go in Denver, but it has become so much more to me.  I come here to share my feelings, get inspired, hopefully share inspiration and have met some incredible people along the way.

I am so  thankful for this last year.  Denver Darling has taken me to some amazing places (here, here, here, and most recently here).  However, my favorite thing so far about blogging is the community and support system built within it.  I have met so many wonderful girls (and a couple of guys) and it is so refreshing to see the way everyone encourages each other.  I have met some of the sweetest people through blogging that I never in a million years would have connected with otherwise, and I am so glad that I have.

I receive a lot of questions about starting and maintaining a blog - below are 10 things that I have learned throughout the last year, and hopefully can be helpful to you too.

10 Things I've learned About Blogging

  1. If you have been thinking about starting a blog, take the leap and just do it! Chances are if you have something to say, advice you want to give, something you want to share there is someone who wants to hear it.
  2. Stay true to yourself.  This is my favorite piece of advice.  I don't share anything that I don't believe in or love, it would come across as inauthentic and I believe, if someone doesn't like it they don't have to read it.
  3. Write what you want to write.  There is some truth that you should write what your readers want, but readers won't want to read something that you yourself are not excited about.
  4. Use your voice. You know how Dr. Suess says, "There is no one alive who is Youer than You" - your voice sets you apart from everyone else.
  5. It is ok to take a break.  I always get a little separation anxiety when we go on vacation, but it is good to take little breaks to refresh and come back with new ideas even if it means not posting as often as you normally would.  I used to get really stressed about this, but realized my blog would still be here when I got back :)
  6. Work with other bloggers.  I have enjoyed meeting other Denver bloggers and making new friends through social media and it is amazing to see how supportive and encouraging other women can be.  
  7. You don't have to post.  I used to think I had to post a certain number of times a day or week, but if it is not something you are excited about posting... don't.
  8. Photos....  I work with a wonderful photographer Corey Anthony for most of the photos on my blog, about half of the photos on my instagram are taken with my iphone and I use VSCO for editing so all of pictures have a similar tone.
  9. Use hashtags.  I didn't love using hashtags for a long time.  I thought listing too many looked silly, but it really does help people find you when they are searching for something specific.
  10. It is your blog, no one can tell you what is right or wrong, make it what you want and have fun with it!

I loooove this dress BTW - it is another ChicWish style.  I love their affordable, yet high quality designs.  This little number is under $70!  As i mentioned last week, sometimes their clothes can take a little bit longer to arrive so if you order, plan accordingly with expedited shipping or a few weeks before your event.  Also, I wear (and wore) these shoes with pretty much every spring and summer dress and will be getting a new pair soon because I have worn them so much and I need a new pair for this wedding season... they are just so easy and go with everything from dresses to jeans and even shorts!

Have a wonderful week - would love to hear your feedback and happy to answer any questions below or through email





Relaxing in our City

Hi Guys,

I hope you had a great weekend and wonderful start to your week.  Can I just tell you, I have really enjoyed this moth so far?!  For us, May always seems to be a calm period.... the calm before the wonderful, craziness, of showers, and weddings, BBQ's, and travel that seem to sometimes overtake the next several months.  We love the craziness, but we so enjoy our home and our lovely city, and we often take them both for granted.

Last weekend, Jonny and I (and Charlie Brown of course) spent the weekend relaxing just a few miles from home, but felt like we were thousands of miles away.  It was such a nice little retreat for us without the stress of traveling.

As I mentioned (here) - the weekend was quite rainy and we had big plans to play tourist and enjoy some outdoor activities around Downtown.  Although, mother nature had other plans (it was FAREEEEZING), we still took in some of the sights that we often overlook as locals.

After checking in Friday evening, and getting Mr. Brown situated, Jonny and I rushed to our event (since we tend to run on the late side.... ooops).  It was nice that it was just up the street, however.  We had such a fun night and my dress was so comfortable and easy to dance in all night long.  My gown is from Rent the Runway here , also like these pretty blue options (here, here, here).

Since it was snowing Saturday, we worked out in the hotel gym, watched some seriously good (Jonny would disagree) television and watched the snow fall on the city for most of the day.  Finally, around 6pm we decided it was probably time to socialize with other life forms other than Charlie Brown, and made our way down to The Nickel before heading to the DCPA to see Sweeney Todd.  We enjoyed some of the most creative cocktails I have had and a delicious charcuterie before going to the show.  I received several questions about my pink dress ($50) that I wore that night... I am wearing an XS and it runs true to size.  It is really one of my favorite bargain buys that is perfect for fall - spring.  (Note - it is a Chicwish dress and I have noticed their shipping can range from 2 weeks - 1 month unless you request expedited shipping).  Also, there are still a few sizes of my Valentino dupes here ($70).

We were sad to leave on Sunday and really did everything we could to move in the place (hehe).  Am I the only one who watched The Sweet Life of Zach and Cody on Disney growing up?!  I was always so jealous of them... Ok, back to adulthood.  The staff at Hotel Teatro reminded us of the hotel where we got married - after a couple days, everyone knew us and Mr. Brown by name and they went above and beyond to accommodate even silly requests.  We requested a late check out, then enjoyed Sunday morning cocktails in the lounge of The Nickel (such a sweet spot to just relax and have a drink or play games!).  We also saw a group of high schoolers taking prom photos the night before, which made me think several things - 1) It has been a minute since I was in high school - yikes. 2) Why weren't we that creative? Every high school dance photo I have is on our stair case or next to the piano... (original) 3) Prom dresses are sooooo much better, oh my goodness!  

The end of our relaxing weekend was topped off by a fabulous brunch by Chef Anthony from The Nickel at Hotel Teatro.  Everything was delicious and will definitely be back for the torta... so yummy.  We will definitely be making staycations a regular thing.  They are so easy and such a great way to reset and see little bits of your own backyard that you might normally overlook.  

Where is your favorite spot to staycation? Hope you have a great rest of your week!


Photography: Corey Anthony



Spring Fling with Swoozies

Happy Derby Day, Friends

I don't know about you, but I get a little excited about frilly dressing and hat wearing all day.  I just learned that Denver is second only to Louisville when it comes to the amount of people celebrating the day.  Not sure why or how that happened, but I am guessing it has something to do with the fact that we just like an excuse to dress up and have a good time... why not?!

I started Denver Darling almost one week ago, next week, and the one thing that I didn't realize would be such an amazing perk of this blog ride, is the sweet and like minded friends I would make a long the way.  Recently I got to spend an evening with some of my favorite blogging gals and we could not have had a better time. 

We enjoyed some of the tastiest treats from Coohills and were delighted with the adorable table setting and other goodies from Swoozie's.  I love their assortment of disposable table runners, I have used them for several events and they are such a great way to add to your theme and give a great pop of color without breaking the bank.  I also love these mix and match Kate Spade appetizer and dessert dishes, I am so excited to use my set for Mother's Day brunch this weekend.

If you have been following along for a little while now, you know that I never met a monogram that I didn't like :)..  I think a monogram adds such a special touch to an everyday item.  I love our sun hats (which will also be doubling as my Derby hat this year) and totes  for a fun in the sun bachelorette party.  For my bachelorette my bridesmaids ordered personalized beach towels (like these) and matching bags, similar to these, and stuffed them full of weekend essentials (magazines, cheap sunglasses, sunscreen, and tons of water).  I also think these totes would be great for the new graduate heading to school.  I have been carrying my laptop around in my tote lately and know it would be perfect for my little cousin heading to college next year.... I never loved carrying a traditional backpack when I was in school.

I saw this dress and fell for it immediately (also cute without the cutout here).  I love investing in pretty pieces that can be dressed up or down and this dress certainly can be.  I have already worn it with these flat sandals, these chunky sandals, and these pumps to dress it up.  

Swoozie's is offering 20% off to Denver Darling readers in store and online with code DENVERDARLING through May 31st.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend - would love to hear about your Derby Day!


Photography: Corey Anthony

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Charlie's 10th Birthday Paw-ty

Hi Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Jonny and I got to spend the cold, dreary, sleaty, snowy weekend enjoying a cozy staycation at the Hotel Teatro.  We had planned on playing hometown tourists all weekend all over downtown, but it turned out to be the perfect weekend to stay in and cozy up with a good book and watch the White House Correspondence dinner and some Lifetime Original movies.  Gahhh - I forgot Lifetime marathons can really suck you in!  But there was really no need to go anywhere with the awful weather... and hard to leave a room with a great view of Denver, watching the snow fall while enjoying the company of your two favorites - human and non.

There is no doubt about it, I have a healthy obsession with our golden retriever Charlie Brown.  I would bet a lot of you are animal lovers too, I typically don't get along very well with non dog people (so guessing you all are animal lovers of some kind).

After my freshman year in college I had my heart set on a golden retriever puppy.  Most people would tell me what a terrible idea it was to get a puppy during college, but for me, getting Charlie Brown almost 10 years ago, was one of the best decisions I made.  We have been through so much together: countless moves, graduating college, starting jobs, leaving jobs, meeting Jonny, falling in love, first fights, getting married, and becoming the little family we are now.

I may seem like a crazy dog lady (and I definitely am!) but Mr. Brown has been an eager bundle of love happily waiting for me with a smile, or a pup hug when needed, every day for the last 10 years.  He has been the best doggy and more than a girls best friend and I felt his 10th birthday was a reason to celebrate.

Liz and her pup, Gus,  came (also here) came over and Bethany brought Hank, the golden they were puppy sitting.  It ended up being the perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon - a gaggle of girlfriends and goldens.... nothing better!  We enjoyed a little champagne during our walk and came back to  our house and warmed up with a hot cocoa bar and birthday treats for all.

I love all of our bright jewelry from Lonna and Lilly, it is so fun and cheery and brightened up the snow day a bit (here, here and here).  Our mugs and this glass pitcher are two of my favorite hostessing pieces and I got the the party hats from Swoozies (which you will hear more about later this week!).  I have to tell you, I also do not wear these rain boots enough.... yellow, monogrammed, bow? Love!  And I have been wearing these earrings as often as possible - perfect with a plain tee.

Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!! Thrilled the sun is shining today and crossing my fingers we have seen our last snow for the season.


This post is in collaboration with Lonna and Lilly. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! 

Perfect Picnicing

Happy Monday, Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoying the spring weather.  We made plans early in the week to do some spring cleaning, and spend the weekend inside organizing.... Well, the beautiful weather was calling our name, and of course we spent little of our weekend in doors cleaning (oops!).  I did switch my winter and spring clothes out, which always feels like a fresh update and made me feel like we accomplished at least a little cleaning.   Can you blame me?

Picnics in the park are such a fun way to enjoy the beautiful day with each other and friends.  We love being outside as much as possible, so once the weather warms we picnic a lot.  It is a fun date for us and love that we can, of course, bring Mr. Brown.  

We try and make our picnics as hassle free as possible so our time is spent enjoying the outdoors and our friends company. I actually threw all of the fruit we had on hand in a bowl and called my new favorite cheese shop down the street, Cheese and Provisions,  to put together an assortment.  I showed up and was so surprised at the gorgeous and delicious spread they arranged for us.  Also, our picnic basket is the cutest and has been a game changer.  It has all of the essentials for the perfect picnic including a cooler in the bottom.  I was so excited when I found it - it is also quite a bit more affordable than others I have seen (but also love this one and this one).  

I have been wearing all of my new J.McLaughlin pieces non stop.  As I mentioned (here), they just opened their first store near us and I couldn't be more excited! The colors are so bright and perfect for spring and summer and the fun patterns are just so sweet and adorable.  These scalloped bumble bee shorts have been perfect for zipping around town on our scooter with Jonny - no, I will never ride alone again, and no there were no injuries this time (read about my silly scooter crash here).  I love their assortment of men's shorts too.  Jonny's shorts have tiny surfers on them which he also wore while on the beach last weekend.  Also this sweater is a great weight for spring days and chilly summer evenings and comes in several other pretty colors... I am usually a pink lady, but have really been loving yellow lately.

I hope you have wonderful week - I would love to hear your favorite picnic stories.  I have loved hearing about all of your trips planned to our fun city, keep them coming, alway happy to answer any questions below or at  

(shop both of our looks below)


Photography:  Corey Anthony

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Skirt Season in The Rockies


I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We were snowed in here.... yes, again!  Jonny was at a bachelor party enjoying plenty of sunshine and beach time, while we accumulated around 2 ft. of snow here.  I didn't want to get stuck in the house alone all weekend so invited my friends over for a fun girls weekend full of rom coms, sushi, and mimosas. It was lovely! 


The weather here changes in an instant, one second its 80 and sunny (this was last week before the snow storm btw) and the next we are bundled up in our mid winter warmest again.  I can't wait for consistent skirt weather - I am ready to put away the tights for a while.

I love this skirt from J.McLaughlin, a store I first spotted from way down the street when I was visiting family in Chicago and knew it was going to be a lasting relationship.  The bright colors and fun patterns were an instant draw for me!  Clearly, I was elated when I found out they were opening a store near me in Cherry Creek (2703 E 3rd Ave).  Local friends, I have already been by a few times and just the store front is adorable.  This shirt is probably the most comfortable button up I have ever worn (got it in white too!).  I love a classic white jean jacket for layering - it is the perfect staple for spring and summer.  

I wore this to a casual day at work last week then to meet Jonny for date night before he left for the airport.  I really appreciate the wearability of J.McLaghlin's pieces.  For sizing, I would suggest sizing down.  I typically wear 0-2 in skirts and xs-s in tops and wear 0 and xs in their pieces.

More snow headed our way today, guys... send us some sunny thoughts! 


This post is in collaboration with J.McLaughlin. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! 

T for Me!

Hi Friends, Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!  

Until a few months ago, I worked in a stuffy, small cubicle every day from 9-5.  I loved the job, but the scenery was lacking to say the least.  Since starting my own business I have had to get used to setting my own hours so I am not constantly glued to my devices (which as a blogger is hard to do).  My friend Bethany (here), also recently started working from home and suggested we spend a day each week working from a coffee shop to ensure that we are getting out of the house (and ensuring we change out of our pajamas at a decent hour).  

We have loved exploring different spots around the city, and recently discovered Platform T, one of my favorite spots yet!  I love that they specialize in interesting teas - even offering signature tea drinks - since I am not the biggest coffee drinker it is fun to get to enjoy a fancy hot beverage for once (I like the Peach Tea Julep!).  I also love that this place doubles as a bar and has two of the most creative prosecco drinks I have ever tried (bonus)!  Bethany and I also really appreciate the location because it is smack in the middle of where we both live - since she is in Hilltop and I am in Lohi it is sometimes hard to find a spot that is convenient for both of us.

Guys, I have to tell you, I have been wearing this Kate Spade dress everywhere!  I have worn it to brunch with the flats here, and meetings with my favorite nude heels, and happy hour with these chunky lace up booties! It is so comfortable and easy to wear and I adore the girly details.  I have had a few questions about my planner - (also like this one) I use it daily and is a wonderful engagement or Mother's Day gift, I also like this Occasions and Contacts address book

Hope you enjoy your day and have a great rest of your week!!


This post is in collaboration with Platform T. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! 

Preppy & Pink

Hi Friends,

I hope you have had a wonderful week! It seems to have flown by on our end... In the blink of an eye we are almost half way through April and planning for Mother's Day and summer weddings!

With Spring in full 'er... swing 😉 - it is so nice to get outside and enjoy some of our favorite activities.  Jonny and I love heading to the par 3 golf course near our house to get out for a quick round during the week.  I used to appreciate golf a little more and had the patience for a whole round of 18 at a regulation course, now a quick round at the par 3 is perfect for me!  For us, it is the best of all worlds... we get to enjoy the sunshine, a nice little walk, Jonny gets to practice his short game, and I get a few swings in myself, all while spending quality time together which is always important.  

Southern Proper has become one of my favorite retailers for both Jonny and me... I really wish we had a store closer.  I am so excited they have just launched their first full women's spring collection - and it is adorable!  It is perfectly appropriate for a round of golf with your guy, or lunching with your girl friends.  I have been wearing this pink gingham popover more than any shirt this spring! I love a good button up as it is, but this one combines all of my favorite aspects of a structured shirt.... pink, gingham, and a great collar (also in blue here).  I also love that they carry the scolloping throughout the line making each piece so feminine and a little flirty.   My white skirt could not be more comfy and the length is a little longer making it more day time appropriate (also in chambray here).  The shoes (mine here) are so comfortable and all of the various patterns (love these for 4th of July!)  are so fun and festive!  Whenever I wear them I get stopped to find out where they can be purchased.

Quick reminder: today is the last day of the Shopbop 25% off sale (use code: inthefam) a few of my favorite everyday items are still available: like these distressed white jeans (seen here) which I often pair with my pink popover! My favorite sunnies (the blue mirror is sold out, but still available in red/orange).  Also, this beautiful Alice and Olivia top (worn in NYC here) that is the perfect staple blouse for all seasons!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


This post is in collaboration with Southern Proper. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! 

Bright Sunshiney Days

Hi Guys,

I was so happy to finally spend some time in the sun this past weekend! After a long winter, the sunshine and spring weather could not have been more welcome.  Jonny was out of town so Charlie Brown had a leisurely Sunday afternoon filled with babies and doggies picnicing with our sweet friends at their new home, in their beautiful backyard.  It was absolutely perfect.

I love pairing old classics with with new statement pieces.  This gingham shirt ($35) is one of my favorite purchases from last summer (also seen here).  I wear it with skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings... so pretty much everything and it is still available (also love this one 25% off - use code: inthefam).  My favorite sunnies (I have actually lost and replaced them twice) are also 25% off with code: inthefam.  This skirt will be perfect for brunch, dates, or even more casual rehearsal dinners and is so feminine and fun with the peek-a-boo, lattice pattern (also like this one $42, this one, and this one 25% off with code: infthefam).  My jean jacket is OLD (like high school old), which is a testament to what a great staple it has been.  They are really the perfect layering piece for spring and summer and I like this one and this one that are also on sale with code: inthefam.

Sending my friends on the East Coast some sunshine and smiles this week.  Been there - there are sunnier days ahead 🌞.

Weekend Necessities

Happy April!

Hope you have been enjoying some sunshine and spring weather where you are.  It has been a bit of a dreary week here.  Sun, snow, sun, snow, but we are promised a gorgeous weekend this weekend (fingers crossed!), very typical Colorado weather.  As a native, who loves a good powder day, I am still ready for sunshine and patio happy hours by April 1st.

Last week, before heading to the mountains, Jonny and I stopped by Pearl Wine Company because.... wine not!!? Sorry, that was terrible.  But really, we had to make sure we had the necessities in case we were snowed in all weekend long (right?).  

It is not every day that I am in inspired to post up and do a whole photo shoot while on our wine stop, but Pearl Wine Company was that adorable.  When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by owner Dustin who shared the sweet story of his store.  I love that he focuses on family owned wineries (a lot are local) and believes that every bottle has a story to tell.

I should point out that almost everything I am wearing is currently 40% off from Banana Republic!  I have really been loving their spring line, and at 5'3(ish) I really appreciate their petite section.  My embellished top (wearing xs petite), black ankle pant (wearing 2 petite). and new favorite gold pumps (also love these and these) are all 40 % off (use code: brspring).  

Have a wonderful first weekend of April! 


Easter Traditions


I hope you had a great Easter weekend filled with lots of love, Peeps, and (if your me) popcorn flavored Jelly Belly beans... yummmm.  


It's funny, I have always loved Easter - everything about the holiday.  I loved the smell of lilies that would fill our house all season long (they are my moms favorite too).  As a child, I loved waking up early with my sisters and hunting for our Easter baskets for about an hour, before we would finally give up (while my dad sat doubled over laughing so hard he would cry at how well he had hidden them from us... he's really a giant kid).  I loved getting together with our neighbors and old friends that would finally seem to emerge from hibernation at this first sight of spring.  I loved going to grandmas house for a yummy and overly indulgent brunch... and I especially loved picking out Easter dresses with my mom - the poofiest, bowiest, pinkest one I could find (you would have never guessed, right?).

As we get older, obviously all of the little things that I loved about Easter aren't as important (as I sit here staring at four wilting lilies).  I get a little sentimental thinking about my childhood, but I can't help but get excited about the unique traditions Jonny and I are creating together.  Our families were spread out across the country over the holiday so Jonny and I spent it cozied up in our cabin and enjoying the incredible spring skiing conditions we are having in Colorado.  With that came a mountain top Easter church service and a beautiful spring day on the mountain that will become a fun tradition of our own.

Before making the quick trip to the mountains we stopped by one of our favorite restaurants, North, in Cherry Creek for a quick bite.  Right around the corner is long time local jewelry store, John Atencio (actually where my mom and sisters bridal jewelry are from),  I love their beautiful, and updated styles like I am wearing.  The gorgeous Rubellite, from his Signature Collection is an amazing alternative to your standard engagement ring.  Since I have my set already, I like it as a right hand ring and I love that it is more pink than your standard ruby.

I absolutely love this dress (it comes in regular and petite, I am wearing a 2p)! The bell sleeves make it so fun, and the lace is always classic.  I actually wore it to meetings all day with my favorite nude pumps (these) and changed into these metallic pumps (currently 40% off with code brspring) to dress up a little bit for the evening.  

Have a wonderful rest of your week!  Feel free to email me or comment with any questions - I love hearing what is going on with you and what you want to read more about.



This post is in collaboration with John Atencio. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! 



Travel Diary - Krabi, Thailand

Good Morning, Friends,

With almost 20 inches of fresh powder outside our front door, I woke up wishing I could be immediately transported back to the beautiful beaches of Krabi, Thailand.  In Krabi, we were rarely without fruity beverage in hand and wore little more than swimsuits for almost five days straight..... ahhhhhh #takemeback

Jonny and I kept trying to describe how we felt while we were in Krabi and at the Centara Grand Resort, but the only adjective we could come up with was, "magical".  It was the most stunningly beautiful, relaxing, yet fun and perfect place that either of us have ever been to.... simply magical.

Swimwear: Phax Swimwear and Target Swimwear (top and bottom) // Cover up // Fedora // Necklace // 

Jonny and I witnessed the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets while we were in there.  One happened to be while enjoying my birthday dinner beach side - it was incredible.  We fell in love with Krabi it made our bucket list trip almost heavenly. 

  1. We loooved our hotel - so that would be my first tip, stay there! Staff was incredible and the hotel was beyond beautiful and pretty much set in a monkey forrest.  If you stay there, opt for "The Club", it includes a continental breakfast, afternoon snack (which is really lunch), happy hour (could be dinner), and evening cordials for $28 pp per day.  The sweet staff overheard it was my birthday and brought me a giant cake and played "happy birthday" on the over head speakers as we were leaving.   They definitely left a wonderful impression.
  2. Rent a private long tail boat for the day.  For about $30 USD we had a captain and first mate and visited 6 of the neighboring islands around Krabi.  It was so fun exploring the islands and snorkeling the clear blue waters on our own time.
  3. Hike the Monkey Trail into town.  There is a short, but beautiful hike out of the resort into town called the Monkey Trail.  We never saw any monkeys on the monkey trail (tons at the hotel), but found a fun swing and loved visiting the cute town.





Hope you are all staying safe and warm today! Can't wait to hear more about your travel plans.  I love getting all of your emails about your fun trips!


SpringTime Cruising

Hi Friends,


I hope you had a nice weekend and great start to your week.  Jonny I were excited to have a little staycation in Boulder this past weekend, but ended up only staying at the beautiful St. Julien for about six hours because Mr. Brown got very sick and we ended up spending the better part of our Saturday at the vet :(.  Not at all where he or we wanted to be.  Thankfully, about five hours after first arriving they figured out he had a bone stuck in his belly and were able to fix him all up!

After a fun brunch with Denver's loveliest bloggers Sunday morning, it was so great to spend the day outside enjoying the sunshine with my boys.  Jonny and I often get stuck in our Lohi bubble - we love our neighborhood, so rarely leave on weekends unless we have to.  However, we have found a quick ride on the Cherry Creek Trail to another neighborhood we love (and the neighborhood Jonny grew up in), South Pearl Street.  We both agree, there is no better way to spend a sunny day than cruising between two of our favorite neighborhoods in Denver on a beautiful spring day!

Photography: Corey Anthony

off the should peasant top ($128) also love this one ($64), this one ($105), and this one ($108) // TopShop Jeans ($70) // Straw Panama Hat ($20) // Tory Burch Crossbody ($295) // lace up bootie ($149) // faux pearl studs ($30) // similar cruiser ($470)

Guys, I snapped up this pretty top ($128) last week and it has quickly become one of my favorites!  I have been loving the off the shoulder trend and can't seem to get enough of them - I also love this one, this one, and this one.  While out and about last week I also found these great TopShop jeans ($70).  It is hard for me to find jeans that hit my ankle exactly where they should because I am not the tallest gal... or even close to it at 5'2(ish) and these fit perfectly (no hemming required!) right off the bat! For sizing, I am wearing a 25.

Thinking of you all today and praying for comfort in Brussels and peace in our beautiful world.




SE Asia Travel Diary - Bangkok, Thailand

Hi Guys,

I am so excited to share the first bit of our exciting trip with you.  I I have broken up the fun into several posts that I will be sharing over the next couple of weeks (otherwise this would be the worlds longest post!).  I have loved getting all of your emails and direct messages on Instagram about your travel plans and hopefully this will be helpful with your planning!  Please let me know if you have any questions at all!  

Apologies in advance, get ready for picture overload!  Jonny lost his phone before our second stop in Thailand so our sole picture taking device was my handy dandy i-phone which we took 3000+ pictures on!


Jonny and I started our crazy adventure in Bangkok.  We landed at 11pm and tried our darndest  to stay awake and paint the town red,  but a comfy bed at the Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit was much to inviting after the long flight and we were fast asleep almost before we stepped into our room.  We were so excited to get outside and make sure to take in every little thing that Thailand had to offer - we didn't want to waste a minute.  Jonny and I were up bright and early (14 hour time change was pretty helpful) and went for a jog around a beautiful park near our hotel.  

It was very warm, so after our run we got ready and I threw on a sun dress for sightseeing and we went on our way.  We had heard from friends that in order to visit temples, women had to have knees and shoulders covered so we packed a backpack with pants for Jonny, and a maxi dress and tee shirt for me (not the best look).  In hindsight I wish I would have brought something like this, this or this with me... it would have saved me from some embarrassing photos I will treat you to in Chiang Mai.

We happened to be touring Bangkok on a Buddhist Holiday and the only thing on our itinerary to see was The Grand Palace.  Because of the holiday, we were told it was closed until the afternoon, but a smiley, toothless, gentleman immediately capitalized on our naive, confused looks, and invited us on a tour.... and it was one of the best decisions we made!  

He organized a tuk tuk tour around the city to see all of the sights, including a boat ride through the canals, a stop at a beautiful temple where we watched a young man become a monk, and stopped (spent a little too much time) at James Fashion Factory, then finally back to The Grand Palace to tour once it was open.  

As I mentioned, we spent a little too much time at the silk clothing factory, but Jonny and I had a blast picking out fabrics and getting some beautiful custom pieces at a fraction of what they would be in the US.  When all was said and done, Jonny had a few new suits and shirts and I have a new pink dress I can't wait to show you (see the swatch in the corner of the picture?).  Even more amazing, they delivered it all to our hotel by the next morning and had us in for a second fitting somewhere in between... it was awesome! 

After all of the sightseeing, we stumbled upon our first of many street markets, and enjoyed our first of many Thai massages.  Jonny and I were already in heaven.  We realized that Thailand is the perfect travel destination for us because he loves a bargain and I love to shop.  

Can't wait to share more with you from our second stop in Krabi, Thailand next week!  Have a great rest of your week!!

  • Accomodations: Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit 
  • Points of interest: Canal Tour, Grand Palace, James Fashion International
  • Travel tips: Bring comfy closed toed shoes (my Tory's were troopers pounding the pavement for hours on end, but wish I had brought a cute pair of tennies that pair with a sun dress: like these $80), bring short sleeve maxi's for temple touring like this one , this one,  or this one (so you don't have to "rent" clothing or buy not so flattering matching capris like we did). 

Twinning with Bmble Baby


I hope you had a lovely weekend and start to your week!  It's been stunning here in the Mile High City!  I think Jonny and I have finally kicked our jet lag since returning from our trip.  I have only heard tales of the dreaded multi day jet lag, but had never experienced it for myself... holy moly, guys, I was pretty much a walking zombie for 5 days and not someone you would want to approach without warning.   This weekend we were feeling a lot more like ourselves and were able to enjoy the beautiful early spring weather that Colorado was treating us to.  Big time bonus, Zoe's (meet her here and here) sweet boyfriend surprised her (and us) and flew her home for the weekend so we all got to catch up and enjoy it together. 

Charlie Brown and I were asked to participate in one of my favorite and easily cutest photo shoots to date!  My beautiful friend Caitlyn recently launched her company Bmble Baby with her sister in law, Heather.  They started with baby footwear and have just added adorable mommy and baby matching apparel.  Although Jonny and I don't have a (human) baby, I always love sharing things that I love with you and I these little mocs have been a go to baby gift for all of the babies in our life.  Jonny and I got our new niece and nephew these (which Heather hand paints herself).  I think they are such a sweet gift, and you know how I love a good personalized gift?!  On top of their adorable mocs ($25-$39), they just started selling matching mom and baby (and pup) apparel.  

I loved spending the afternoon with some of my very favorite ladies and sweet little ones.  My sister in law, Erin, and handsome nephew, Harrison, wore the white Mama/Mini graphic tee and onesies which I think is so sweet.  And my friend, Nerida and owner Caitlyn and their little cuties, Pippa and Lochryn (best baby names in one photo shoot... am I right?!) wore the I'm Not Working Today/ Me Neither graphic tees and onesies - I can't get over how cute they look together.  Contact Bmble Baby to order a Twinning tee for your pup or like I am wearing.... I can imagine our matching set will be the perfect outfit for Charlie's upcoming big 10th birthday party next month (I know, I am in disbelief too.... and #crazydoglady!).  Also, my black, distressed jeans are currently 40% off for $33 - I wear them with everything!

Shop tee's, onesies, and baby mocs at Bmble Baby and the rest of my look (including makeup I wear everyday) below!

Have a wonderful week!


Not so plain white tee (shirt with heart)

Happy Friday, Friends!

I was recently contacted by the American Heart Association and Go Red For Women to help promote their #howtogored campaign.  National Go Red Day was last month, but their mission and cause is something that can (should) be discussed year round.   Go Red For Women encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives.  The movement harnesses the energy, passion and power women have to band together and collectively wipe out heart disease.

I think it is great when fashion makes a statement you care about and can give back...... What the American Heart Association didn't know when they reached out to me was at this very time my mom was one of the very women they are helping.

My mom looks like the picture of health.  She is an active 55 year old (sorry mom), runs, works out every day, skis, road bikes, and honestly is probably in better shape than me.  Recently, while we were skiing I noticed her lips were a little blue, which I thought was because we were both so cold.  It turns out she was having some issues with her heart and we were lucky that we noticed a physical symptom and we have been working with some great docs to figure out exactly what is going on.


Not only does this shirt help raise money and awareness for a good cause, it is also pretty darn cute (and comfy!) get yours here! I also love this one and this one that also give back to great causes.  I have had this leather jacket forever... it is my favorite thing to throw on over a tee shirt or girly dress to give it a little edge.  Love these two similar options from TopShop (Faux Leather Biker Jacket $90, Orbit Leather Moto Jacket $320).  Also, these are my very favorite black pumps - I can run, jump, and wear them all day if I need to (and they are a great price for a gorgeous heel that has really lasted $118).

Get my tee here or shop the rest of my look below.  I hope you have a wonderful, safe, and heart healthy weekend ❤️❤️.


Hello From the Other Side


I have missed you guys!  So sorry for my longer than planned absence from the blog.  I was worried while we were preparing for our trip that posting from half way around the world would be difficult... doable, but difficult, but it proved to be more like impossible to find wifi that was compatible with my site.  At first it was nerve-wracking, and a little frustrating, but I am now so thankful for the break that forced me to completely unplug and allowed me to focus fully on spending time with Jonny and soaking in memories from such a life-changing trip.  I can't wait to share more from our adventure with you all!! Currently compiling all of our pictures and will be posting all of the details from SE Asian travels soon!

Photography // Corey Anothony

Full disclosure, this was probably not appropriate attire for playing tug of war with Mr. Brown on a windy day, but I just can't say no to him - especially after being away for so long.  As much fun as Jonny and I have traveling, it is so hard for us to be away from Charlie Brown for extended periods of time (can you blame us?!).  I heard foot steps one night during our trip and woke up in a panic thinking it was Charlie (#crazydoglady).

I love the color of my dress from Stitch Boutique.  Stitch is an adorable store located just up the road from me, that my friend, Jourdan (here), recently introduced me to - can't thank her enough!  The exact color of my dress is only available in stores, but in white here, and very similar here.   This faux leather jacket is so comfy and ideal for spring evenings (also a steal $92).  I think horn pendants like this one or this one are so fun and unique and add a touch of edge to a clean and colorful outfit.  Also... you can find Mr. Brown and me in floral sunnies like these ($11) for the foreseeable future 👓.

I have linked all outfit details and some additional, similar favorites below! 

Hope you have been great!! Let me know if you have any questions or comments or something you would like me to discuss!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Girl Talk

Happy FRIYAY, friends!!

Jonny and I have a lot of travel in front of us today.  First stop Tokyo then on to Bangkok... easily the longest flight(s) I have ever been on, and I know my anticipation and excitement to start our two week adventure is not going to make things go faster, whatsoever.  Apologies in advance if the blog is a little quiet while we are away - I am not exactly sure what our wifi situation is going to look like.

A few weeks ago I found out a dear friend of mine, Jourdan, was moving back to town.  She has been in LA for the past 3 years so I practically jumped out of my chair when she told me the news!... adding icing to the cake - she also just announced she is pregnant!! So of course, I was beyond thrilled when Jim Guttau, from the Four Seasons, asked if a friend and I would like to try out their signature February facial, "Becoming a Bond Girl" (um, why not 🙋🏼).  I knew exactly who I wanted to take!

There is literally diamond powder in the mask that made us feel absolutely glowy!  After our facials, Jourdan reminded me that pregnant girls get hangry!  It was (obviously) a very windy day so we decided to head to an adorable coffee shop that I have been loving

I love the streamlined look of a classic trench and the weight is perfect for those windy days :).  Both of our looks are from the adorable Stitch Boutique.  My trench is sold out online, but they still had a couple left last I checked (also love this onethis one, and this one!).  My jeans are Flying Monkey - I swear by this brand!  After wearing these bad boys it is hard to spend money on designer jeans ever again.  The fit is amazing and you can't beat the $68 price tag!  All of my sweet accessories are available at Stitch (bralett, Denver necklace, horn necklace) - or shop them and my favorite lightweight trenches below!

Have a wonderful weekend! Wish us luck on 25+ hours of travel ahead (yikes!).


Spring Fever

You Guys...

I've got spring fever or cabin fever or something fever - really just vacation on the B-a-RAIN! I am (almost) all packed up for our trip and of course now (the day before we leave) I am realizing all of the cute things I wish I had purchased when I was eyeing them weeks ago!  Don't get me wrong, I did my fair share of shopping to get prepared, but I always seem to find a few more things I wish I had snapped up while I was thinking about it... (darn it!)

I have had quite an interesting time packing, friends.... My lovely husband made me promise that I would pack very light (errrrr, ok???).  Luckily we have been together almost eight years now so he knows not to expect much from this promise.  However,  with 95 degree weather and 99% humidity it has made things a little easier!

Since it is going to be so warm and humid where we are going I was looking for light, yet functional clothing.  I got this yellow sundress ($55), it is great quality and fun flowy fit!  I am also loving the cold shoulder trend for spring, it shows just enough skin and still has a classic and sweet look.  I think this eyelet number ($76) is just gorgeous!  I remember having cover up envy last summer when I went to the beach... this set is stunning and the cover up could easily be worn on its own it is so pretty!!  Finally, no vacation look is complete without a fun hat!  I wear my fadora anywhere and everywhere... I like this one ($18).  And I have been crushing on these gorgeous embroidered Eugenia Kim hats ($485) since last spring, they are a bit of an investment - also love this less expensive option ($23) and this one ($26)!

Click on the picture above for more details, or shop below.... I have also linked some more adorable vacation favorites in the scrolling shop the look gallery.  What are you favorite spring and vacation pieces??