Going Red with Kendra Scott Tonight!

Hi Friends,

I am so excited this morning because today kicks off a long few days of birthday celebrating.  Don't get me wrong, I am normally not a birthday person at all!! However, I think transitioning into a new decade feels a little different and I am going to soak in the last days of my 20's and celebrate the heck out of this weekend with my friends and I just can't wait.

Tonight I am celebrating the start of my birthday weekend with Kendra Scott and the American Heart Association and I can't think of a better place with a more important message to kick off the fun! February is Go Red for Women Month and I recently learned that cardiovascular diseases kill about one woman every 80 seconds and about 80% of cardiovascular diseases may be preventable.  Last year, I touched on some heart issues that my mom had been dealing with and how important, as women, it is to be our own biggest advocate.  The last few months, she has been having trouble again and I have been so proud to watch her advocate for herself to ensure that she gets the care that she needs.  Yesterday, she received a heart monitor to make sure that her heart is working properly and I am thrilled that tonight's event will benefit the American Heart Association.

It is highly likely that I will be wearing this exact outfit tonight (please don't judge).  I don't know about you, but when I find an outfit that I love, I wear the heck out of it!  And I love these pants and can't get enough of them!! I have really been into high waist trousers lately, but they also come in a mid rise version.  The fabric on these is so so soft.  This blouse had me at "hello" ruffles, flowers, and a bow? and a price point under $60, game over!  My Kendra Scott earrings are from their Go Red collection and as I mentioned here 20% of proceeds will be donated to AHA and will be a great way to support if you are not able to make tonight's event.  Hope to see you there!! Please see details below. xoxo

Valentines Date In

Happy February Friends,

I hope you had wonderful weekend!!  I loved this weekend.  My little sister was home again to rock out at the Soul Cycle Denver/Target pop up (more on that later this week!), there was sunshine, and snow (so typical Colorado) , and some great time with our sweet grandparents!  It was also really nice to be in our home and sit by the fire most of the day Sunday and play cards (I am lame, I know... I love gin rummy if you ever need an opponent).  

Jonny and I get the chance to do some fun things living in this beautiful state, and do our best to take advantage of them, but sometimes it is nice to enjoy being home.  That is why, whenever Jonny and I are celebrating anything extra special my first choice is to have a date night in.

Jonny is not usually much of a cook (although his apron would lead you to believe otherwise).  But pizza making was so interactive, fun, and easy for both of us!  Not to mention, delicious!  We also loved being able to pick our toppings.... Jonny is a big pepperoni guy and I love all the veggies my little pizza could handle.  

I love these pink glittery flutes that I got from Swoozies and I'm sure will use all month long.  I also love our tray from there (we got for our wedding) with all of the areas in Denver!  P.S. I know I am wearing this blouse again, but it just matched my apron so perfectly, I couldn't resist! 

What you need:

  • pizza dough (we used fresh dough from Whole Foods)
  • tomato sauce
  • toppings you love (mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onions, pepperoni)

What we did:

  • preheat oven to 500
  • cover area you will be rolling dough with good amount of flour
  • cut dough in half
  • work dough in round(ish) shape
  • add sauce first then toppings
  • slide onto cookie sheet (I read that you shouldn't use one - ours turned out great!)
  • bake for 10 - 13 minutes (until puffy and browned)
  • enjoy!

What fun things do you have planned for Valentines Day?  I'll be sharing our favorite date night spot out soon!


Photography: Corey Anthony


Pink and Red - Yes, You Can!

Hi Friends!

I hope you guys are having a great week!

I am getting excited for February... really excited!  It is my favorite month next to December - not just because it is the month of "loooooovvve", but it is also two of my best friends and my birthday month - so really a whole month of celebrations!!  


It is also one of my favorite times to wear bold colors with very feminine accents since everyone seems to have romance on the brain.  Also, with Spring nearing and snow dwindling I am always a little more excited (and more likely) to get dressed up!  Although I love cozy sweaters and boots it has been nice to break out my skirts and go tightsless πŸ™Šmid-winter!  

I used to be a rules girl: no black with navy, no pattern mixing, and definitely no red with pink (ewww it clashed!)!  I am learning (as I grow almost a year older) those rules don't apply anymore - especially this one!  This is definitely my favorite "rule" to break since pink is my favorite color and red is another bold staple.  I love this top ($37) and also often pair it with jeans for a casual date look.  My exact skirt is sold out, but I also love this one, this one and this one (all under $50!).  I have linked the rest of my look below!

Can't wait to share a few of our favorite Valentines dates with you next week!  Have a great rest of your week!